Documents Required

Documents Required for France Visa Application

To apply for French visa, there are a set of documents required to submit the application. The procedure of application is complete when these specific documents are submitted.

Following are the documents required to apply for French visa:

Visa Application Form: The application form should be fully filled and signed by the applicant while applying for France visa.

Passport Size Photographs: Two colorful passport size photographs must be attached with the application form. The photographs must be taken within 3 months of application for French visa.

Passport: A valid passport shall be submitted which should not be older than 10 years. The passport shall be valid for 3 months more than the trip to France or Schengen area.

Detailed Itinerary: An itinerary that states the brief of the trip plan of the applicant must be provided.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance duly signed and authorized by the applicant’s bank should be submitted that covers any kind of medical emergency.

Accommodation Proof: Accommodation proof that states the duration and place where the applicant is going to stay for the time span of the trip throughout France and Schengen area.

Proof of Financial Means: Financial proof shall be submitted that proves that the applicant has sufficient financial resources for the trip in France or Schengen area.

Bank Account Statement: Applicant’s bank account statement shall be provided while applying for France visa that shows the applicant has enough resources to sponsor the stay. The statement should not be older than 3 months from the date of visa application.

Sponsorship Letter: If the trip is sponsored by a third party then evidence for the same shall be provided while applying for France visa. The document must be backed by the sponsor’s bank of statement to ensure adequacy of resources.

While this is the list of documents required for everybody to present at the time of appointment, there are some documents that are also needed as per the visa applied for. For various kinds ofindividuals, different documents are asked to back your requirements. Those are:

Employed Applicant: Employed candidates are required to producetheir employment agreement along with a bank statement of 6 months from the date of visa application. Furthermore, a leave approval letter from the employer and ITR or TDS form are needed as well.

Self-Employed: Self-employed candidates need to produce their business license along with a bank statement of 6 months and ITR.

Student: Students need to produce the proof of enrollment in the school or university for visa application.

Retired: Retired applicants need to present their bank statement of 6 months for visa application.

Other than these, there are also different types of visas that are generally applied for. These visa applications demand various documents at the time of appointment:

Business Visa:

Invitation letter from registered French company along with the details of your visit to the same. The coverage of expenses by the employer or French company must be stated on the invitation letter.

Evidence for previous business trades with French company if any.

Business bank statement for 6 months from the date of visa application.

Tourist Visa:

Bank statement of last 6 months form date of application.

Copies of valid passport that should not expire for at least 3 months after return from the trip.

Invitation letter from family or friends in France or hotel reservations.

Visa for Spouse:

Evidence for French citizenship which may be identity card or certificate of French nationality

French certificate of marriage

French family record book for proof

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