France Spouse Visa

Application for France Spouse Visa

1. Passport:

Candidate must carrytheir original passport to the appointment.

Only identity card will not be considered as valid document.

2. Photograph:

Candidate must carry 2 passport size colored photographs which must be clicked with a white or pale background.

The photographs shall be 45mm*35mm in dimensions.Applicant must ensure the photographs are not older than a month.

The photographsmust be taken without any accessories or head gear.

3. Application Form:

Candidate must bringtheir original Schengen Visa Application form to the appointment.

The visa application form must contain 2 signatures of the candidate.The guardian shall sign the document in case the applicant is a minor.

Applicant must make sure that column number 37 of the application form is correctly filled and signed by the applicant or a guardian.

4. Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate:

A marriage certificate must be provided in English or French.

The certificate shall be translated in English in case of a third language.

The translated certificate shall be authenticated by UK embassy of the country that has issued the original certificate.

In case of minors, birth certificate shall be provided.

5. Travel Insurance:

Applicantshall bring a travel insurance document that must have the period of stay in France/Schengen clearly stated.

The insurance must be attachedwith a confirmation by applicant’s bank.

If the insurance is procured from the post office then original receipt must be attached with the insurance policy brochure.

6. Travel Documents:

Applicant must bring valid tickets to the appointment which have the tentative modes of travel like flight, bus and train clearly mentioned.

For car travel, application must provide driving documents that include registration certificate, car insurance, driving license, MOT and ferry tickets.

If the applicant does not drive then aforementioned documents of the appointed driver shall be provided.

7. Travel Tickets:

Applicant must show their valid travel ticket which will be considered as proof of EES/EU or Swiss National.

Other travel documents must include return ticket to France and a fully paid booking from the travel agent.

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