France Tourist Visa

Application for France Tourist Visa

1. Passport:

Candidate shall possess a valid passport.

The passport must have at least 2 blank pages.

The passport must not expire within 3 months of expected return.

Candidate must attach a UK residency permit or a new biometric card with the valid passport.

If the current passport is condense with stamps, candidate must provide both old and new passport at the appointment.

2. Photograph:

Candidate must carry 2 passport size colored photographs.

The photographs must be clicked with a white/pale background.

Photographs should be 45mm*35mm in dimension and not older than a month.

The photographs must be taken without any accessories and/or head gear.

3. Application Form:

Applicant must carry the visa application form to the appointment which is an important document.

Column number 37 of the application formmust becorrectly filled by the candidate himself or a guardian. The form shall also be duly signed.

4. Employment Letter:

Candidate must carry appointment letter which should not be older than 30 days from visa application.

The letter must be provided along with salary slips of 3 months.

5. Travel Insurance:

Candidate must carry a travel insurance document to the appointment that has the intended period of stay mentioned in France/Schengen.

The document must be attachedwith a confirmation by the bank.

If the travel insurance is obtained from post office then the original receipt shall be attached to the policy brochure.

6. Travel Documents:

Candidate must produce valid tickets at the appointment which have the tentative modes of travel mentioned like flight, bus, train and so on.

For car travel, applicant shall provide their registration certificate, car insurance, driving license, MOT and ferry tickets.

If the candidate does not drive then same documents of the intended driver shall be provided.

7. Accommodation:

Candidate should produce their accommodation confirmation in France which has the name of applicant, stay period, hotel address and contact details stated.

If the applicant’s accommodation is sponsored by a French resident, then the original “attestation accursed” must be provided.

The same document must be provided by the local town hall or police station of France as well.

8. Financial Documents:

Applicant must carry original bank statement to the appointment as financial evidence which must mention the applicant’s name, address and bank balance on the statement.

The bank statement must confirm that the account has at least £55.00 per person per day.

The bank statement shall not be older than 30 days.

If the bank statement cannot be obtained, a EURO traveler shall be provided at the time of appointment.

The Euro traveler must contain a balance of £60.00 per person per day for the intended period of stay.

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